CRADLE Job Openings

Asst Prof Ibrahim H. Yeter from the Natural Science and Science Education (NSSE) Academic Group in the National Institute of Education (NIE) is looking to hire three research staff members (2 as undergraduate student assistants and 1 as a part-time Research Associate). An Master’s degree in Science for the RA position is not required but preferred. Anyone with a BS degree but good skills is sufficient. A contract extension will be offered if job performance attains a satisfactory level.

The Centre for Research and Development in Learning at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (CRADLE@NTU) supports multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research across NTU devoted to transforming learning in higher education. Leveraging on knowledge and methods from education, psychology, organizational behavior, neuroscience, and technology design, CRADLE aims to develop and test theories to explain learning processes.

CRADLE seeks applications for the position of Research Fellow. Our current search is for candidate(s) interested in cognitive neuroscience of learning, and/or bridging findings from educational neuroscience to educational strategies. Suitable candidates will play a crucial role in developing and managing research projects conducted to contribute towards CRADLE’s research thrust of Science of Learning.

Research Fellows who possess an earned doctorate are invited to apply. Experience in teaching or conducting research related to education settings are preferred.  The Research Fellow is expected to have good interpersonal skills and to have demonstrated record of excellent scientific writing skills. Independence in developing programmatic research is encouraged. Interested applicants are to submit 3 letters of recommendation from referees directly to CRADLE Director role-based email account:


Key Responsibilities: 

  • Conducting independent research

  • Handling grant proposal documentation and associated administrative tasks

  • Conducting literature search and writing reviews

  • Supervising and leading team of researchers

  • Coordinating between and liaising with faculty from different disciplines

  • Some involvement with centre’s administrative duties

Job Requirements: 

  • Doctorate (PhD) degree and publication record in Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Education, Science of Learning or related fields

  • Experience with conducting behavioral experiments in neuropsychology or cognitive psychology

  • Experience with neuroimaging techniques (functional and diffusion MRI/EEG/fNIRS and/or TMS)

  • Experience in using graphical-user interfaced software e.g. Qualtrics, Google form

  • Experience with systematic reviews and meta-analysis

  • Experience in producing research reports

  • Experience in research administration

  • Knowledge and experience in social science research methodologies 

  • Good statistical knowledge and skills, including familiarity with statistical analysis software such as R and SPSS.

  • Supervisory and leadership skills for teams

  • Person-oriented communication and coordination skills

  • Familiarity with image data analysis tools such as SPM, FSL, AFNI, Matlab, DSIstudio etc

  • ​Excellent command of the English language, as well as writing and communication skills