CHUNG Sheng Hung

CHUNG Sheng Hung
Biographical Profile
Chung received his Bachelor of Information Technology with honours and Master of Engineering Science from Multimedia University, Malaysia in 2004 and 2007, respectively. He has been actively involved in projects on mobile learning intervention, brain imaging, and neuroimaging techniques.
He is currently a Research Associate in CRADLE@NTU, and acts as the IT lead in a concerted effort with overseas tutoring programmes to create a mobile application for on-demand tutoring services, and in building an online support system that would help NTU faculty transition to flipped classroom setup. He also does R&D on artificial intelligence, medical image analysis, mobile computing, and e-learning projects.
Research interests in Science of Learning and Education
Mobile computing, neuroimaging
Research expertise
Machine learning, medical image analysis
On-going research projects in CRADLE@NTU
  1. MENTOR (Mobile Education Network Tutoring Request)
  2. Scaffolding the flip: Developing a support system for students and instructors of flipped classroom courses