Lian Zixuan

Lian Zixuan


Biographical Profile:

Zixuan holds a degree in Psychology and Economics. Since graduation, she has been pursuing opportunities that involve improving education and learning, and has worked with numerous stakeholders from young children with special needs, and teenagers with dyslexia to adult learners.

With a keen interest in educational psychology, Zixuan especially enjoys learning and understanding individuals with special needs, learning disabilities and social or emotional problems. She is passionate about contributing to this field of study and enhancing educational support through her research findings.

Research Expertise:

Literature reviews, qualitative methods

Ongoing Research Projects:

1. Understanding and Promoting Networked Learning in the Workplace: A Learning Analytics Approach (2022 – 2024)

2. PwD Workforce Learning: A Cross-National Investigation of PwD Learning and Continuing Education Experiences (2024 – Present)