Published on 11 Oct 2021

S'porean seniors finding it hard to stay home in order to stay safe from Covid-19

The Straits Times, pages A6 and A7 -

Between Sept 27, when Singapore tightened restrictions amid a spike in infections, and yesterday, 83 people have died from Covid-19 complications – more than half of all who have succumbed to the virus since last year. Prof May Lwin, who is co-director at the Communication in Healthcare @ NTU (COHEN), an interdisciplinary research group at NTU, said that while technology can help to close the social gap for seniors, it has also been a channel for misinformation about the pandemic. “In general, the elderly tend to have lower digital literacy levels, which include the ability to use communication technology to source, evaluate and communicate information,” noted Prof Lwin, who added that seniors are more likely to depend on traditional forms of media such as television in order to receive information.