Published on 01 Nov 2021

Ice cream boy

Lianhe Zaobao, page 8

Huang Xuanyi (transliteration) and his friend opened an online store, Oroma, to sell earl grey tea, oolong tea, Moroccan mint tea and other flavours of gelato. The name, “Oroma”, means aroma and tea, and his love for tea comes from the influence of his grandparents. The NTU WKWSCI graduate’s entrepreneurial inspiration came from an ordinary afternoon when he accompanied his girlfriend to a long queue of ice cream shop. After tasting it, he thought the ice cream was too sweet and the idea of making healthier low-sugar ice cream came to mind. He said: “In my final year of university, I started learning how to make ice cream. In the process, I discovered my passion for making desserts, so I decided to pursue this dream.”