Published on 07 Jan 2022

Football: Women's game remains on the sidelines in Singapore

The Straits Times, page B18 -

Women’s football here can be compared to a trip to an underground diner – tucked away on a quiet street and accessed through a nondescript door, privy only to those who seek it out. But behind that door is a room that is alive and buzzing, just like the women’s football scene in Singapore.

Since 2014, the number of women’s teams in local leagues has almost doubled from 16 to 30. The Football Association of Singapore’s (FAS) Cubs Programme, for girls aged seven to 12, has seen the number of participants doubling from 40 in 2018 to 85 in 2019.

NTU WKWSCI students Ashley Tham and Amanda Leo contributed this article as part of their Go-Far (Going Overseas for Advanced Reporting) module.