Published on 21 Apr 2021

Elders are afraid to use mobile phones? NTU Student: Can One Lah!

Lianhe Zaobao online, 21 Apr -

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted more seniors to be willing to learn digital skills. However, a group of NTU students found that although there are many local programs to assist seniors in mastering digital skills, most of them are aimed at seniors with basic literacy skills. In order to help low-income, illiterate seniors master digital skills, four WKWSCI students, Lee Jia Qian Febby, Rishii Vijayahkumar, Grace Jiaen Lee, and Ann Wee, launched the Can One Lah! program at the beginning of the year, and cooperated with seven local senior activity centres and NTU Welfare Services Club. There are currently at least 80 senior citizens participating in the project.