Published on 07 Apr 2021

Alumnus gifts NTU $1 million towards scholarship and bursary fund

The Straits Times online, 7 April -

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Mr Steven Lim, chief executive of RSTN Consulting and an alumnus of NTU has gifted his alma mater $1 million to kickstart a new scholarship and bursary fund for final-year students. Mr Lim gifted the contribution at a ceremony held at the Campus Clubhouse in the University on Tuesday (April 6). Prof Ling San, NTU's Deputy President and Provost, accepted it on behalf of the university.

Mr Lim, 53, who graduated from NTU with a Master of Science in Knowledge Management in 2008, co-founded RSTN Consulting in 1997. The company offers business process management and enterprise content management solutions. Mr Lim said: "I want to help these financially disadvantaged students in the final year of their studies so they can focus fully on studying and graduate, without having to juggle work and study at the same time."

The RSTN Bursary Fund will help eight financially disadvantaged Singaporean students per year in the final year of their studies with an annual award of $10,000. Like the bursary fund, only final year undergraduate students are eligible to receive the RSTN Scholarship.

Every academic year for the next decade, two students who display excellent academic results and extra-curricular records will be selected to receive $10,000. The Government will match Mr Lim's gift with another $1 million for the NTU General Endowment Fund to support undergraduate and post-graduate education at the university.

Vice President of University Advancement at NTU Ms Lien Siaou-Sze said: "The RSTN Scholarship and Bursary Fund will support bursaries to aid financially disadvantaged students, as well as scholarships to encourage academic excellence. "We are very proud that whilst Mr Lim has become a successful entrepreneur, he has made tremendous impact in helping the next generation of leaders and his alma mater scale to new heights of excellence."