Published on 17 May 2021

3 in 4 in Singapore think social media can hold people in power accountable: Survey

The Straits Times, page B6 -

Three in four people here are motivated to use social media because they believe it can hold people in power - such as politicians, business leaders and celebrities - accountable for their actions, according to a recent survey across 20 countries and territories studied by market research company Blackbox Research. Assoc Prof Edson Tandoc Jr, director of NTU's Centre for Information Integrity and the Internet, said many here might use social media as a check on people in power, partly because of how easily they can use it to express themselves. "We've also been seeing instances of online vigilantism and examples of cancel culture in Singapore, which definitely shape how users view social media as platforms and what these platforms can do," he said, adding that people have posted photos of social distancing violators on social media.