Internship Programmes

The Social Sciences Professional Attachment Programme (HPAP) will be offered as an unrestricted elective in School of Social Sciences.

Professional attachment or internship has become an integral part of the undergraduate training in NTU. Students value the experience as the exposure will help them in their transition into the working world.

The duration for Professional Attachment (HB3079) is 10 weeks to be undertaken at the end of Year 3 of study. On successful completion, students will be awarded 5 AUs to be used to fulfill unrestricted electives.


School of Social Sciences will work with the Career & Attachment Office (CAO) to source for suitable placements. As placements will be limited, selection will be based on interviews by participating organizations and/or best match, and will be arranged on first-come-first-served basis.

Students may also source for placements themselves. To be awarded the AUs, the attachment, however, must be coordinated through CAO and will be subject to the same procedure for supervision and assessment given below.


To be eligible for professional attachment, students must have achieved:

- 60 AUs and above at the beginning of the second semester of each academic year.

Students are entitled to go on professional attachment only once.


GEM Discoverer Work & Study with Attachment

School of Social Sciences​ students who go on GEM Discoverer Work & Study with Attachment to China, India and Vietnam may utilize the work component in meeting HPAP requirements. The number of AUs will depend on the duration of the programme.

Minimum Requirement to Pass HPAP

Upon registration for HPAP as a course and with successful placement, students must complete 10 weeks of attachment to be considered for a "pass" in HPAP.

If the internship is terminated prematurely without approval from the school, the student concerned will have been deemed to have "failed" his/her attachment and the "failed" grade will be reflected in his/her transcript.


The participating organization is required to assign at least a supervisor to supervise the students and assess their work performance during their attachment. Students will also be supervised and assessed by NTU staff. At the end of the attachment, students will be required to write a report. The student will be awarded a pass/fail grade based on the assessment of their work performance and the report.

Allowance & Working Hours

The monthly allowance paid by the organization is $800 or more. Employers are exempted from making CPF contributions on student's allowance. 

Students will follow the normal working hours of the organization on a five-day or five-and-a-half day week basis.

Certificate of Accomplishment

Students who successfully complete the PA programme will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment jointly signed by the Director, Career & Attachment Office (CAO) and the organization's authorized representative.

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For queries, please contact CAO at [email protected].