Short-term Research (Visiting Research Student)

The School of Social Sciences (SSS) welcom​es postgraduate students from overseas universities to undertake short-term research at NTU with our faculty as a non-Graduating-non-exchange student for a period of up to 12 months (minimum of 40 hours per week or 8 hours on a 5-day work week).​

You will need to notify us at least 2 months ahead of your intended research start date at NTU.

Students are liable for the following fees (correct as at 03 August 2023):

​​​Fees​Subject to​Amount
Application Fee (one-time payment)All StudentsBefore 1 Jan 2024

WEF 1 Jan 2024

Research Fee​All Students

Before 1 Jan 2024
​S$2,473 / 4-6 mths (PPGA/Sociology)
S$3,179 / 4-6 mths (Economics/Psychology)

WEF 1 Jan 2024
S$2,496 / 4-6 mths (PPGA/Sociology)
S$3,209 / 4-6 mths (Economics/Psychology)

*Research fees will be waived if duration of short-term research is 3 months or less

​VISA (processing / issuance / multiple journey visa)*​​International StudentsS$90 to S$120
​Miscellaneous Fee: Health Service Fee (HSF)​​All StudentsBefore 1 Jan 2024
S$73.58** / 1 semester
S$147.85** / 2 semesters

WEF 1 Jan 2024
S$74.27** / 1 semester
S$148.54** / 2 semesters

50% of miscellaneous fees will be payable if duration of short-term research is 3 months or less
​Miscellaneous Fee: Student Service Fee (SSF)​​All StudentsBefore 1 Jan 2024
S$177.14** / 1 semester
S$355.93** / 2 semesters

WEF 1 Jan 2024
S$178.79** / 1 semester
S$357.58** / 2 semesters

50% of miscellaneous fees will be payable if duration of short-term research is 3 months or less

*Determined by Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
**Miscellaneous fees will be based on the semester rates according to start date of research

1. You will not be allowed to work and receive any type of allowance or stipend.
2. There are two semesters in our academic year. You may refer to the academic calendar for more information. 

  1. ​​​Consult with an  Academic Staff and obtain supervision confirmation and period of research attachment.

  2. ​Complete the following table and send it to the AC-SSS-GE together with the respective Academic Staff's  confirmation to supervise you. 
​1​Duration of Research Attachment (dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy)
​2​Full Name as in Passport
​3​Passport Number
​4​Date of Birth
​5​Title of Research Project
6​​University (Current)
7​Status of Education (Masters/Ph.D.)​
8​Residential Address (if living in a dorm, please provide in separate line)​

3. Prepare the following documents for submission later in the different application portals (Instructions will be sent via email in response to submission requested in point 2)

  • Official transcript in English 
  • Clear coloured passport-size photo (JPG format <100kb)
    Avoid wearing any hat or other head covering, unless you habitually wear a hat or head covering in accordance with your religious or racial custom
    Facial feature should be clearly evident
    Spectacle frames must not cover part of the yes
    Background should be white
  • Clear coloured scanned copy of full passport information page with a validity of 6 months (JPG format <200kb)
  • Curriculum Vitae (word format <600kb)
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate (PDF)
  • Scholarship document, if applicable
  • Registration acknowledgement letter from home university
  • Birth Certificate
  • List of countries previously resided in (have information on hand)

If you require more assistance, please email [email protected]