Seminars and Events

Economics Seminar Series

04/08/2022Daniel HouserGeorge Mason UniversityNon-clairvoyant Dynamic Mechanism
05/08/2022Erik SnowbergThe University of Utah and The University of British ColumbiaValuing the Time of the Self-Employed
12/08/2022Eik Leong SweeMelbourne UniversityHistorical anti-fascism and right-wing voting in Italy
18/08/2022Wei Yang ThamHarvard UniversityThe effect of funding delays on the research workforce: Evidence from tax records
19/08/2022Lawrence ChooSouthwestern University of Finance and EconomicsOn the endogeneity between stock market prices and bank runs. An experiment.
19/08/2022Degui LIUniversity of YorkEstimating Time-Varying Netowkrs for High-Dimensional Time Series
24/08/2022Zhengyang BaoXiamen UniversityCan Artificial Intelligence Improve Gender Equality? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
02/09/2022Ming YangUniversity College LondonDynamic Contracting with Flexible Monitoring
14/09/2022Boon Han KohUniversity of East AngliaThe signals we give: Performance feedback, gender, and competition
21/09/2022Zhixin DAIRemin University of ChinaThe Experimentalist as (Tax) Administrator: Using Natural Field Experiments to Enhance Tax Compliance in China
07/10/2022Zhen LeiSouthwestern University of Finance and EconomicsSmall deeds reveal a man? Belief over-updating in social decision-making
14/10/2022Jungbin HWANGUniversity of ConnecticutFixed-Cluster Inference with Unbalanced Cluster Sizes
19/10/2022Francesco CapozzaErasmus School of EconomicsMental Health Literacy, Beliefs about Care Seeking and the Demand for Mental Health
26/10/2022Tibor NEUGEBAUERUniversité du Luxembourg Does Wash Trading Impact Information Dissemination in Security Markets
28/10/2022Lu DongRemin University of ChinaTrading mechanisms and price discovery: theory and evidence from the Chinese interbank FX market
31/10/2022Chicheng MAHong Kong UniversityClassicism and Modern Growth: The Shadow of the Sages (cancelled)
08/11/2022Yohei YAMAMOTOHitotsubashi UniversityAnthropogenic influence on extremes and risk hotspots
11/11/2022Constantin CharlesUniversity of Southern CaliforniaMemory Moves Markets
25/11/2022Gedeon LimHong Kong UniversityLocal Elites, Land Rents, Selection, and Incentives for Development: Evidence from Village Chiefs in Indonesia


Brownbag Seminar Series

4/02/2022Cong PengPostdoctoral Research Fellow , Harvard UniversityRoads to development? Examining the Zambian context using AI-Sat
23/03/2022Yuan Yuemei Ph.D., Zhejiang University

Unlucky to have brothers: Sibling sex composition and girls' noncognitive skills


Constantin Charles 

Ph.D., Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

Memory and Trading


Economics Seminar Series

14/01/2022Daniel Xu YiProfessor, Duke University

Regulating Conglomerates: Evidence from an Energy Conservation Program in China

21/01/2022Eric ZouAssistant Professor, University of Oregon

(Re)scheduling Pollution Exposure: The Case of Surgery Schedules

27/01/2022Eiji KurozumiProfessor, Hitotsubashi University 

On the asymptotic behavior of bubble date estimators

28/01/2022Lawrence Choo

Associate Professor, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Information diffusion and aggregation over separated markets. An experiment

08/02/2022Maoliang Ye

Associate Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology

Individual Misreporting in a Pandemic and Interventions: A Lab-Field Investigation
18/02/2022Takashi YamagataProfessor, University of York

Discovering the Network Granger Causality in Large Vector Autoregressive Models

03/03/2022Yuan LiaoAssociate Professor, Rutgers University

Inference for Low Rank Estimation

08/03/2022Lata GangadharanProfessor, Monash UniversityGender Biases in Performance Evaluation: The Role of Beliefs versus Outcomes
15/03/2022Daniela PuzzelloProfessor, Indiana University

Is Money Essential? An Experimental Approach

8/04/2021Yi Junjian

Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong



CU-TU-NTU Workshop

DateAgendaMeeting Link

15 November, 2021

8th Trilateral Workshop in Economics

Registration Here


NTU-CEC Workshop 

DateAgendaMeeting Link
13 to 14 November, 2021NTU-CEC Program


Economics Seminar Series

9/10/2021Ryo OKUISeoul National UniversityLatent group structure in linear panel data models with endogenous regressors
9/28/2021Kengo KATOCornell UniversitySmooth p-Wasserstein distance: structure, empirical approximation, and applications
10/4/2021Xinyu ZHANGChinese Academy of SciencesModel averaging by a jackknife criterion for estimating heterogeneous causal effects
10/15/2021Elena AsparouhovaUniversity of UtahTBA
10/22/2021Dacheng XiuUniversity of ChicagoTBA
10/27/2021Tanner ReganLondon Business SchoolTBA
10/29/2021Yang ChuyiXiamen UniversityDriven to Distraction by Powerball, and the Resurrection of the Monday effect
11/12/2021Trautmann StefanTilburg UniversityNoblesse Oblige:  Holding High-Status Individuals to Higher Standards


Brownbag Seminar Series

13-Jan-21Jin ChuqingPhD, Boston UniversityDoes Competition Improve Information Accuracy: Evidence From the Security Analyst Market
20-Jan-21Swati SharmaPhD, NTU (IGS-Sustainable Earth ICRM)Empathic concern and emotions associated with energy-saving preferences in Singapore
27-Jan-21Jin ChuqingPhD, Boston UniversityWelfare on Cloud: Estimating Inertia in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service Market
10-Feb-21Ulrich J. EberlePostdoctoral Fellow, Princeton UniversityHeat and Hate: Climate Security and Farmer-Herder Conflicts in Africa
24-Feb-21Yuan MengyingPhD, NTUAsset pricing under capital control: Evidences from A-H price premium
7-Apr-21Shiyu BoAssociate Professor, Jinan UniversityMilitary Investment and the Rise of Industrial Clusters: Evidence from China’s First Industrial Policy, 1861-1933


EGC Seminar

12-Mar-21Ridwan D. Rusli;
Chang Yong Ho
Professor, Technische Hochschule Köln;
A/P Singapore University of Social Sciences
Transboundary Haze Games: Local Capture and Common Agency


2021 Nanyang Econometrics Workshop 

28-Mar-21SU Liangjun Professor, Tsinghua UniversityHigh-Dimensional VARs with Common Factors (joint with Miao Ke and Peter C.B. Phillips)
Hiroshi YAMADAProfessor,Hiroshima University Spatial Autocorrelation and Spectral Graph Theory
Merrick LIResearch Fellow, University of CambridgeA ReMeDI for Microstructure Noise (joint with Oliver Linton)
OKUI Ryo Assoc Prof, Seoul National UniversityConfidence Set for Group Membership (joint with Andreas Dzemski)
SRISUMA Sorawoot (Tang)Assoc Prof, National University of Singapore and University of SurreyIdentification and Estimation of a Search Model: a Procurement Auction Approach
(joint with Mateusz Myśliwski, Fabio Sanches and Daniel Silva Jr)
ZHANG YichongAsst Prof, Singapore Management UniversityRegression-Adjusted Estimation of Quantile Treatment Effects under Covariate-Adaptive Randomizations (joint with Jiang Liang, Peter C.B. Phillips and Tao Yubo)


Economics Seminar Series

30-Mar-21Bhattacharya, JoydeepLowa State UniversityWhy Pensions? Whither Pensions?
6-Apr-21Chew Soo HongProfessor, NUSAttention Utility Theory: “Soft” and “Hard” Modeling and Evidence
9-Apr-21Utz WeitzelProfessor,Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
The Banker’s Oath And Financial Advice
16-Apr-21Meng JuanjuanProfessor, Peking UImperfect Foresight and Intertemporal Choice
30-Apr-21Kim JinillProfessor, Korea UniversityWorld Economyafter Covid-19 and the U.S. Monetary Policy


Brownbag Seminar Series

19-Aug-20Keyang LiThe Impact of Fertility Relaxation on Female Labor Market Outcomes
2-Sep-20Kilian HeilmannThe Urban Crime and Heat Gradient in High and Low Poverty Areas
23-Sep-20Taojun XieParallel Currencies in a New Keynesian Framework
7-Oct-20David OngThe Gender Difference in Mixed strategy Nash Equilibrium Play in Pairwise All-pay Auctions
14-Oct-20Yogita ShamdasaniLabor Rationing
28-Oct-20Kailing ShenWhat Happens When Employers Can No Longer Discriminate in Job Ads?
Evidence from a Chinese Job Board
4-Nov-20ZHANG Shuoxun (Helene)Bank Competition under Deregulation: Evidence from Wealth Management Products
11-Nov-20Tang Cheng Keat & Jos Van Ommeren (VU Amsterdam)Accident Externality of Driving: Evidence from the London Congestion Charge
18-Nov-20Justin LeungSuperstar Firms and Rising Retail Concentration


 EGC Seminar

17-Nov-20Emeritus Professor Lim Chong YahNWC: Important Challenges, An Insider's View


CU-NTU-TU Trilateral Workshop in Economics

9-Nov-20Panit WattanakoonBanking Competition and the Amplification Mechanism
Athiphat Muthitacharoen and Trongwut BuronHow do taxpayers respond to tax subsidy for long-term savings? Evidence from Thailand's tax return data
Dinithi JayasekaraTrusting Cultural Similarities during Innovation: An empirical and experimental approch
Xaoping ChenExport Liberalization and Water Pollution: Firm-Level, Evidence from China
Doungda Mahakitsiri and Wisarut SuwanprasertUnderstanding the Bimodality of the Export Intensity Distribution in a Developing Country
Tiraphap FakthongCan Trade Union be Trusted in More Diverse Workplaces
Joanna Poyago-Theotoky, Dai Binh Tran and Wasileios ZikosLocus of Control, Health and Healthcare Utilization
James AngRice, Culture and Democracy
Tatre Jantarakolica, Korbkul Jantarakolica, Jutamas WongkantarakornPoint of Sale and Decision to Use e-Payment Channel