Published on 19 Nov 2020

Awards | SoH Faculty receive Nanyang Education Awards 2020

Neil Murphy was named Educator of the Year

Professor Neil Murphy, Chair of SoH, received the Nanyang Education Award (University) – Gold. Professor Murphy will also be declared ‘Educator of the Year’, being the recipient of the highest class of the Nanyang Education Award (University).

Assistant Professors Barrie Sherwood (English) and Ong Soon Keong (Chinese) were awarded the Nanyang Education Award (College) and (School), respectively.

The Nanyang Education Award is the highest honour conferred by the University to faculty members in the field of teaching.

Started since 1994, the Award, formerly known as the "Teacher of the Year Award" and “Nanyang Award for Excellence in Teaching”, was presented annually by the President of the University. The Award was renamed as the "Nanyang Education Award" in 2013 to reflect a more holistic approach and to further encourage excellence in teaching.

The Award recognizes the dedication and achievements of faculty members who displayed excellent teaching practices and enriched the learning experiences of NTU undergraduates and NIE Trainee Teachers. These award recipients inspire students through their deep passion to teach well and their genuine concern for their students' learning.