Sinophone / Xenophone Mesology: Toward a New Nanyang Reader 华夷风土:《南洋读本》新论

23 Sep 2021 08.00 PM - 09.30 PM Alumni, Current Students, Industry/Academic Partners, Prospective Students, Public
Organised by:
NTU English, CCLC

Speaker: Professor David Der-wei Wang

Edward C. Henderson Professor in Chinese Literature and Comparative Literature,

Harvard University

This Lecture will be conducted in Mandarin.

本场讲座以新编《南洋读本》为例,提出华语语系研究的创新可能。重点包括:1. 以“华夷之‘变’”作为论述基础,强调从“华”的他者——“夷”——重新思考“中国”歧义性,与“华”的多元性。
2. 介绍“华夷风土”观,强调政治地理政治以外,环境及人文地理的重要性。

This lecture seeks to introduce a new Nanyang Reader in terms of two models: 1. Sinophone-xenophone changeability” that highlights the factors of alterity and changeability inherent in any dualistic schema between cultural and ethnic selfhood and otherness; 2. Sinophone-xenophone mesology” that explores the mutual relationships between living creatures and their biological, social, and environmental surroundings.


A/P Sim Wai Chew, NTU English

A/P Yow Cheun HoeNTU Chinese, Centre for Chinese Language and Culture