About the Cluster

The recent decades saw the emergence and advancements of new technologies that promise to create the next wave of industrial revolution. Technological breakthroughs brings about a sea change in the way industrial value chains are structured, organized and managed globally and impacts lives and communities across the world. Effective use of such advanced technologies is critical to support economic growth, creation of jobs and propel the growth of global economies. NTU, as a technological university with considerable strengths in technological research, contributes to Singapore’s efforts towards developing cutting-edge technologies and ensuring effective use of such technologies in the society. The development of cutting edge technologies can only be translated into societal impact if we ensure just as much focus on the translation and application of technologies. There is often a gulf between advancing cutting edge technologies and ensuring the adoption, usage, and ensuing impact of the technologies. This requires the consideration of a broad spectrum of factors beyond technology.  These include people-related issues of skills, identity, and resistance; organization-level issues, such as organizational capabilities, business models, business processes, partner relationships, and organization structures;  and societal issues such as trade and environmental regulations, social norms, politics, etc.