University-Industry Collaborations have evolved into interdisciplinary and multi-contextual partnerships that generate solutions to address global challenges, achieve important breakthroughs and make businesses more cost-efficient to bring about economic benefits. NTU is strongly engaged with industry partners across a broad spectrum of disciplines to develop solutions and create opportunities that lead to innovations and technological advances for commercialisation.

While the industry benefits from working closely with NTU to move discoveries and ideas into the real world, the university’s academics and students gain from the research, innovation and educational opportunities such partnerships with global businesses bring.

In the last few years,  the University has a record number of tie-ups with big businesses such as Rolls-Royce, Hewlett Packard, Hyundai, Alibaba and more.

Paving the road ahead for Future Mobility

Hyundai-NTU Partnership

Realising Smart Systems for the Future

GlobalFoundries-NTU Partnership

NTU spin-off ARTICARES launches portable arm rehabilitation device for use from hospital to home

NTU Spin-Off

NTU EcoLabs launches multi-million scale-up initiative to support 40 cleantech maritime start-ups and SMEs

NTU-GovAgencies-SMEs Partnership

Industry Oriented Research Collaborations

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Corporate Laboratories and Industry Joint Laboratories enable companies to tap into a rich pool of faculty, researchers, postgraduates and undergraduates to work alongside them on company-specific problem statements or exploratory research that has direct relevance for the industry. Industry partners can tap scientific and technological capabilities built up in NTU to develop new products and services, while the university achieves impact by developing cutting edge solutions for problems faced by the industry. Students gain industry experience, preparing them for employment in high value-add sectors

Singapore government agencies like the National Research Foundation (NRF) encourage and co-fund public-private R&D partnerships between universities and companies through the establishment of corporate laboratories in our universities. Research areas in Corporate Laboratories are geared towards supporting business growth for companies, generating economic benefits for Singapore, and creating good jobs for Singaporeans.

Industry Joint Labs or Centres are joint research collaboration co-funded between industry partners and NTU. While companies can choose to work on one-off research projects with the university, a joint lab and centres further strengthen the exchanges between academia and industry, catalysing solution making and agility of the research team in adapting to ever-changing market conditions that industry partners are under.

Here are some of NTU’s Corporate and Joint Laboratories and Centres

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