Cooperating with the world's best in science and business strengthens the innovative capacity of NTU and Singapore. 

NTU exploits the breadth of interdisciplinary cooperation across the Colleges, Institutes and Centres to attract and engage with partners to Create Partnerships.  Through the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise, NTU maintains partnerships with research-intensive universities from Europe, North America and the United Kingdom in fields as diverse as clean energy, resilient settlements, the science of learning and antimicrobial resistance. 

NTU sustains Industry Research Collaboration with over 200 companies with the largest engagements through the Corporate Laboratories that include leaders such as Rolls Royce, Hewlett Packard and Global Foundries. 

GAIN - Global Alliance of Industry @ NTU provides an additional platform to catalyse inter-companies research collaboration supported by breadth and depth of research capabilities residing within the University.