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The Office of Education Research's (OER) vision is to be an international leader in education research-practice-policy (RPP) nexus. Our mission is to engage in rigorous and relevant education research that advances theory and practice, and informs policy thinking, in Singapore and internationally.

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About Our Research

Over the five years (FY2023-2027) of the Fifth Tranche of Education Research Funding Programme (ERFP), NIE continues to build on the work that has been undertaken in the previous four Tranches (20 years) of the ERFP by strengthening the foundation (in terms of knowledge, capability, and structure) for education research, development, and innovation in existing and emerging research areas.  

Through consultations with key education stakeholders and partners in the MOE, schools, and international and local experts, NIE aims to further strengthen its leadership in a larger education research ecology by focusing on the Grand Challenge of Strengthening Singapore’s Education for an Uncertain Future. 

The NIE strategic research agenda is characterised by a grand challenge and four research problems. By adopting Strengthening Singapore’s Education for an Uncertain Future as our grand challenge, NIE will continue to build on the 4th Tranche Future-Ready Learners’ Agenda which shifts the pedagogical emphasis from preparing for academic performance to preparing for life. NIE’s strategic education research agenda is poised to make significant contributions to (i) teaching and learning, (ii) optimal development and wellbeing, (iii) progression and pathways, and (iv) ecosystem development. 

To address the grand challenge, we identify four key research problems to focus on: