Organic Materials Service Laboratory

Location: N4.1-B2-03
Tel: (65) 6790 6156
Contact Person: Mr Patrick Lai

Welcome to the Organic Materials Service Laboratory. Equipped with the high-end characterisation and analytical tools, this laboratory is dedicated to render the support you need to understand your materials: their composition, structure as well as their chemical / mechanical / physical properties. This service laboratory is adequately staffed by trained chemists, technicians and laboratory managers with years of knowledge and expertise to provide the crucial laboratory support to help meet your goals in material research, development, as well as failure analysis.

Our students and researchers relish the state-of-the-art material research experience with the extensive range of equipment, including but not limited to, the Mass Spectrometers, Spectrometers, Spectrophotometers, Thermal Analysers, Mechanical testers, and Microscope Imaging Systems catering to their various material analysis needs.

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