Polymer Electronics

Location: N4.1-B2-05 
The research focuses on using organic/polymer materials for applications in microelectronic/nanoelectronic devices. Key interest areas include fabrication of organic thin film transistors, non-volatile memories based on semiconducting and ferroelectric organic/polymer materials, solar cells and light emitting devices based on organic materials. The emphasis of the research is on understanding and advancing the science and technology of organic/polymer electronic materials synthesis, modification, processing and their relations to device fabrication and performance.

Areas of Research

  • Fabrication of organic thin film transistors
  • Non-volatile memory devices based on organic transistors
  • Development of novel conjugated polymers for photovoltaic device applications
  • Fabrication of organic photovoltaic cells
  • Fabrication of organic light emitting devices (OLED)
  • Ferroelectric polymers for thin film devices