Biomaterials Laboratory

Location: N4.1 Basement 1

The research focuses on the following major areas: synthesis of new biomaterials, surface modification of biomaterials, investigation of the interaction of polymers with cells, design and processing of biodegradable medical devices, simulation and modeling of medical devices, design and study of drug release formulation and systems.

The main research facilities include biomaterials synthesis, film casting, spray coating of metal stents, and spray drying for microspheres. Materials characterization equipment include light scattering systems for molecular weight, particle size and shape; size exclusion chromatography for molecular weight; high performance liquid chromatography for drug and protein quantification; rheometer for polymer viscoelasticity studies. Cell culture facilities include Class 1K cleanroom; microplate readers for fluorescence, luminescence or absorbance studies; flow cytometers for measuring physical and chemical characteristics of cells; and inverted bright field and fluorescence microscopes for cell imaging.