Energy Storage

Location: N4.1-B2-05 

The research focuses on different areas of electrochemical energy storage devices, from batteries (Li-ion, metal-air) and supercapacitors to printed power electronics, to store energy from renewable sources, and for electric vehicles. The following are the major research thrusts: (1) synthesis strategies and the development of high performance anodes/cathodes based on multifunctional nanoscale materials, (2) fundamental materials characterization to understand charge storage and charge transfer processes, (3) polymer/solid electrolytes, (4) printed/flexible charge storage devices, (5) integrating energy harnessing in charge storage devices.

The main research facilities include autoclaves, electrospinning systems, polymer/sol-gel synthesis, high energy ball mills, gloveboxes, electrode slurry preparation, electrode coaters, centrifuges, coin/pouch battery fabricating facilities, calendering roll presses, spot welders, crimpers, multichannel galvanostats/potentiostats, cyclic voltammetry tools, impedance analyzers, battery testers/cyclers, vacuum ovens, box/tube furnaces, and electrochemical testing stations.