Inorganic Materials Service Laboratory

Location: N4.1-B3-03
Tel: (65) 6790 4590
Contact Person: Ms Yeow Swee Kuan

Welcome to the Inorganic Materials Service Laboratory. This laboratory is dedicated to render service and support towards the analysis and characterisation of inorganic materials. Equipped with the high-end sample preparation, characterisation and analytical tools, the composition, structure, as well as the chemical / mechanical / physical / optical properties of inorganic materials are studied effortlessly. This service laboratory is sufficiently staffed by trained technicians and laboratory management with years of knowledge and expertise to provide the crucial laboratory support to help meet your goals in material research and development.

The students and researchers relish the cutting-edge equipment that cater to a wide range of thermal, electrical, and mechanical characterisation applications. The laboratory’s sample preparation and analytical systems are appropriately spread across three dedicated facilities: the cleanroom, the inorganic materials service laboratory, and the nanomaterials laboratory. The cleanroom houses a hydrofluoric acid station, mask aligners, sputtering systems and evaporators among others making it to a basic cleanroom research facility. The Inorganic materials service laboratory accommodates sample preparation systems, materials properties analysis systems, and microscope imaging systems. The nanomaterials laboratory on the other hand is dedicated for equipment such as planetary ball mills, arc melter, magnetometers, splat quencher etc. that focus on the preparation and analysis of nanomaterials samples.