Published on 21 Mar 2022

MSE In The News: Novel 'Trojan Horse' Drug Delivery System Using Protein-based Microdroplets

We are delighted to share that Professor Ali Miserez's research on delivering drugs into human cells using large biological molecules, by first encasing them in a protein-based microdroplet, has been featured in various media.
This novel drug delivery system promises to be faster, safe, more effective, and better suited for gene therapy, cancer treatment, and vaccine delivery, including mRNA-based vaccines such as those used for Covid-19 vaccinations by Pfizer and Moderna.
The research breakthrough is published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal – Nature Chemistry, titled 'Phase-Separating Peptides for Direct Cytosolic Delivery and Redox-Activated Release of Macromolecular Therapeutics'. 
For full release, visit NTU News: 'Sneaking large drug-carrying biological molecules into cells'

Prof Ali Miserez (left) and Yue Sun (right) discovered that when drug-carrying biomacromolecules were encased in a protein-based microdroplet, the resulting mixture, or coacervate, was able to merge into human cells reliably and effectively. Source: NTUsg

ChannelNewsAsia journalist, Dawn Tan (left), spoke with Prof Ali Miserez (right) to learn more about the new drug delivery method. Source: CNA Youtube

Our heartiest congratulations to Prof Miserez and his team on this excellent achievement!
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