Programme Educational Objectives

In line with the Vision and Mission of the University and the School, the B.Eng. (Materials Engineering) program is formulated with the following objectives.

Objective 1:
To Develop An Understanding Of And An Ability To Apply Basic Sciences, Mathematics And Materials Sciences To Materials Engineering Practice.

This is an essential element of any engineering degree course where imparting a sound foundation of basics and the application techniques to real life situations is envisaged. This will arm students with a good academic platform to propel them into higher degree programs, or assist in lifelong learning to keep their skills relevant as technology advances. This objective is critical to achieve the School’s and University’s Missions.

Objective 2:
To Develop The Knowledge And Skills Required For Immediate Employment As A Materials Engineer.

This is the direct contribution to the industry and the community in Singapore as envisaged in the School’s Mission.

Objective 3:
To Prepare For Diverse Careers In Multidisciplinary Environments And For Life Long Learning.

Careers today are very much multidisciplinary requiring a variety of skills and the ability to learn new skills in order to adapt to changing needs in the market place. The program should prepare the students to flourish under changing environments. Students are exposed to courses from various disciplines, even those outside the realm of engineering, to produce a well rounded experience. They are given opportunities to go overseas to experience the learning environments in other countries. Such broadened education is the crux of the New Undergraduate Experience an NTU.

Objective 4:
To Inculcate Creativity And A Spirit Of Entrepreneurship.

This is a challenging objective but is in line with the Visions of the School and the Institution. It is emphasized that exploitation of the created knowledge i.e. entrepreneurship, is as important as creation of knowledge i.e. research. The institution is very well aware that teaching and assessment methods have to be innovative to nurture creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.​​​​