Accreditation Tools and Assessment Procedure

Accreditation Tools

The assessment process for the Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes relies on several tools. The tools include feedback/surveys from students, instructors, alumni, Industry Advisory Committee, and the School Advisory Board, as well as direct methods such as oral and standardized written exams. These inputs are evaluated by the School and proper corrective actions are taken whenever necessary.

Figure 1 below shows the feedback process that is in place to measure and monitor the Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes.​​​

Figure 1: Feedback Process for PEO and Student Outcomes

Assessment Procedure

The constituencies (Faculty, Students, Alumni, and Industry) are engaged in the following manner in the assessment activities.

​​Faculty: Every faculty/instructor will review the:

  1. Course objectives and outcomes of his/her course in order to familiarize themselves with the expected outcomes for the course and how these specific course outcomes relate to the overall program outcomes.
  2. Past course performance of his/her course in order to familiarize themselves with the performance of the course in prior offerings and in order to identify any points of weakness that may require additional emphasis.
Every faculty/instructor will:

  1. Save samples of student works (exam solutions and design reports) on a regular basis.
  2. Align the assessment problems to the course objectives that contribute to Program Outcomes.
  3. Encourage students to participate in the End-of-Course Surveys whenever necessary.

Students: The School engages its undergraduate students and collects their feedback for accreditation purposes through the online Teaching Feedback Surveys and End-of-Course Student Surveys.

The Teaching Feedback Surveys collect students's inputs on course materials, course organization, and instruction. The End-of-Course Student Surveys collect input on the objectives and outcomes of the course. The student input is then summarized and documented for assessment and continuous improvement.

The department also collects student feedback from Exit Surveys administered to graduating Final Year students.

Alumni and Industry: The department engages its alumni and the industry in its assessment mechanism in the following ways

  1. Industry Advisory Committee, which consists of representatives from the industry (they may or may not be our Alumni). The committee meets annually and examines issues related to curriculum, industry feedback, and School performance in general.​
  2. Alumni Survey administered to alumni from prior years.
  3. Employer Survey administered to employers of our graduates.