Program Constituencies Stakeholders

The four main constituencies of the Programme are the 

  • Students,
  • Faculty,
  • Alumni, and
  • Industry/Employers. 
Each of these constituencies is a stakeholder in the programme. 
Students will be affected directly by the programme. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the programme provides them with quality education. The School monitors their learning outcomes to ensure that the mission of the programme to educate them is attained. 

Faculty members are providers of the service, and they are the ones in frequent contact with students. They are responsible for the curriculum and education of the students and therefore their contribution is essential for the accomplishment of the School’s PEOs.

Alumni are the outcome of the programme, and they will be the informal ambassadors for the School. They were exposed to the curriculum and would be applying their knowledge in the industry. Therefore, they could provide significant and invaluable information to the School on the relevance of the curriculum and ways to improve the programme. Engineering education produces graduates who are very important to the continued development of the industry. The industry/employers will be interested to employ quality graduates. 

The School Advisory Board and Industrial Advisory Committee are other sources of external review of the programme. They are particularly valuable as a means of obtaining input from the third and fourth constituencies. Members are leading personalities from academia and industry.

In summary, each of the above constituencies has a vested interest in the success and continued improvement of the programme through the PEOs.