Contributions of the SLOs to PEOs

SLOs of the MSE B.Eng. programmePEOs
1. Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and materials science to solve complex engineering problems.

2. Ability to analyse complex materials engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions.
3. Technical competence in materials design and selection for engineering design of system components or processes.
4. Ability to conduct scientific investigation of complex materials problems.
5. Ability to select and apply appropriate laboratory techniques, engineering, and IT tools in Materials Engineering practice.
6. Understanding of the impact of engineering solutions on society and the responsibilities of the discipline.

7. Understanding of the impact of materials and their engineering solutions on the environment, and knowledge of materials and devices for sustainable development.
8. Commitment to professional, ethical, environmental, and societal responsibility.

9. Ability to function effectively in multidisciplinary teams.

10. Ability to communicate effectively.

11. Ability to apply engineering and management principles and knowledge of economic decision-making to manage projects.
12. Recognition of the need for life-long learning, and the ability to learn independently.

⬤ - Substantial contribution (more than 75%)
◐ - Moderate contribution (more than 50%)
○ - Slight (low) contribution
Blank – No contribution