Teo Wei Kiat

NTU EEE graduand Teo Wei Kiat graduates with a Degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) with Honours. He shares his experiences in NTU EEE and being part of EEE club.

When asked what he loved about NTU EEE he replied, “It would have to be the people of EEE. Throughout my 3 years in NTU EEE, I’m blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people. Friends who are always ready to lend a helping hand and professors who challenge me to do my best. The university journey wasn’t an easy one but it's the people that make it so much more enjoyable.” And while he doesn’t have a particular favourite module or professor, but he truly enjoyed his time in Dr. Wesley Tan's classes who made the extra effort to make the class more enjoyable and interesting.

Wei Kiat truly enjoyed his time serving the students in EEE. From EEE Week to EFINITY, he took joy in hosting programmes where people can enjoy themselves. He also particularly enjoyed hanging out with his fellow classmates after lessons. University life can be tough but hanging with good people can make everything seems easier.

Being a part of the planning committee for the freshmen orientation programme, EFINITY 2021, was one of the most memorable experiences for Wei Kiat as an NTU EEE student. The student led team spent months planning for the programme, intending to make the activities as enjoyable as they could for their incoming freshmen. Even when the program was fully switched online due to the pandemic, the team adapted, and improvised and made sure the original goal was still met, regardless of the situation. When they saw all the freshmen from different backgrounds bonding and building camaraderie through their program, it made all the hard work and effort we put in worth it.

Wei Kiat proud to be a member of EEE Club, a student organization which sole purpose is to serve the students. The club’s aim is to create a vibrant culture for all staff and students in the big family of NTU EEE. With the welfare of EEE students the primary focus in mind, the club organised many activities such as workshops and exam welfare initiatives. However, the global pandemic did not make things easy. The club had to continuously come up with new ideas and methods to conduct their events with the safety of EEE students in mind, all while still achieving their goals. When faced with adversity, they stood steadfast and faced the challenges straight on.