Chow Siew Teng

NTU EEE graduand Chow Siew Teng graduates with Bachelor of Engineering (Information Engineering and Media), Honours (Distinction), and was elected valedictorian. She shares with us her experiences as a NTU EEE student.

A typical day in NTU EEE for Siew Teng was enjoyed hanging with course mates in Garage@EEE, an incubator space that helped nurtures student's ideas into potential start-ups. Garage@EEE was also responsible for conducting numerous workshops and hackathons for students, many of which Siew Teng worked tirelessly behind the scenes. She also enjoyed attending events like IEM day and EEE day where she could meet up with fellow students, chilling and enjoying the food. The time she spent with friends was really important to her and she really appreciates her cohort mates and the friends that she made in EEE and IEM.

Some memorable moments were spent being clueless during her various lab sessions together with the rest of her classmates, and then trying to figure out what’s happening and catching up, usually with the help of the lab technicians. Siew Teng particularly expresses her gratitude to the lab technicians who on occasions provided crucial help.

When discussing her achievements in NTU EEE, Siew Teng reflects on one particular moment where she was in the planning committee for a makeathon event, during which she managed to meet a lot of cool people in EEE. She also jokingly added that managing to survive 4 years in EEE while only having a minimal number of mental breakdowns was an achievement. She has enormous gratitude to Dr. Wesley Tan who was a great FYP supervisor, and a great mentor. She particularly enjoyed Interactive II (an ADM mod) where the class were taught how to apply machine learning to art and installations. It was super fun.

Her pivotal moment however was being elected valedictorian. Siew Teng feels privileged that she was elected for this position, and honoured that she was nominated alongside two extremely amazing people, Stella Gracia and Duan Jia Fei. She generously recognised that they contributed tremendously to EEE and acknowledged that their brilliance.

In closing, Siew Teng pays tribute to the cohort, that elected her as valedictorian and gratitude thanks to her friends in IEM and EEE who were very enthusiastically publicized the election.