Nagar Aishik 

Nagar Aishik (picture on the left), a Year 4 NTU EEE undergraduate and Bhatia Ritik, a Year 4 NTU SCSE undergraduate always had a passion for using technology to build products that will have a positive impact on society. Ever since they entered university, they have worked on various projects to tackle several challenges and used diverse technologies for solving problems. When they found out about Google Developers Solution Challenge, they realised that a global competition that targeted solutions so close to their ideals would be the perfect place for them to display DementiCare and gain mentorship to take it to the next level.

When they first decided to work on a long-term, socially impactful project, they approached Dr. Wesley Tan Chee Wah, a lecturer in NTU EEE who mentored and guided them throughout the entire process right from ideation up to development and outreach. He motivated the students to keep going through the tough times and provided the perfect mix of mentorship and encouragement to keep on improving DementiCare.

There were over 820 submissions in this season, which puts the estimated number of participants to be between 3000 and 4000 from across the globe. Almost all the solutions which made it to the Global Top 10 were incredible. They aimed to tackle the most pressing issues facing the world today. The other two winning teams - I Rise from the Philippines and Eye of God from India were both inspiring and clever solutions, which impressed the NTU students greatly! Project Flow from Cameroon which aimed to find and mark water sources for easy access to water for everyone was another project which they also loved.

The courses and education offered by NTU EEE helped Aishik gain the aptitude and problem-solving abilities to attempt a solution like DementiCare. He gained knowledge about programming, building technical projects, debugging, and error solving and a culmination of these skills combined with the resources and mentorship which NTU EEE provided was vital in winning the Solution Challenge!