Seaborne trade is one of Singapore's most important lifelines, and over the years, the nation has built up a strong reputation as a premier Global Hub Port. At NTU CEE, we equip our students with essential knowledge and experience in shipping business and management, such as shipping economics, marine insurance, ship chartering, logistics and marine technology. Set sail with us, and be on your way to becoming a changemaker to drive the growth of Singapore's maritime industry.

Maritime Studies Programmes

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The Bachelor of Science (Maritime Studies) is a business programme in shipping.

  • Acquire basic concepts in mathematics, trading, shipping and economics principles.
  • Delve deeper with a balanced mix of core courses in maritime studies.
  • Option to deepen your knowledge in International Trading with a specialisation in International Trading in Year 2.
  • Students shall have opportunities to go on overseas exchange(s) to partner universities offering maritime courses like Marine Insurance and Maritime Law.
  • Put your skills to practice in the Final Year Project.
Details on curriculum structure can be found on this page.

Keen to learn more about some of the core courses and Major Prescribed Electives (MPEs),  want to discover what these courses are about and the skillsets that you will acquire through these courses. Our DC Super Seniors (students and alumni who are here to Deconstruct the Courses) will also share with you more about some of these courses that they have taken.

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Our graduates are highly sought after across a wide variety of careers in industries such as:

Our graduates have been in diverse exciting jobs in various sectors.

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