Congratulations to Professors who received research grants for their projects

Awarded ProjectPrincipal Investigator
Human digital twin prototype of industrial worker under heat exposure in climate change and post-pandemic eraAssistant Professor Fu Yuguang
Investigation of thermoelectric properties of inorganic-based alkali-activated materials (AAMs) and its potential for thermal energy harvestingAssociate Professor Yang En-Hua
Use of waste soft marine clay as alternative to bentonite for coastal protection applicationsAssociate Professor Yi Yaolin
Assessment and Mitigation of Geologic Risks in Geo-Energy SystemsAssociate Professor Wu Wei
Monitoring of Nitrous Oxide emissions at Changi WRPProfessor Zhou Yan
Topic 2: Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) through CO2 mineralization and carbonates production with the streams of Ca and Mg containing industrial waste brine Associate Professor Grzegorz Lisak
Topic 5: Large-scale applications of carbon in concrete (WP1 & 5) (IAF-ICP)Associate Professor Qian Shunzhi
Topic 5: Large-scale applications of CCFRC/CPC in construction (WP3) (IAF-ICP)Associate Professor Yang En-Hua
Topic 5: Large-scale applications of CCFRC/CPC in construction (WP4) (IAF-ICP)Professor Tan Kang Hai
Engineering Bacterial Cells Expressing Neurotransmitter-binding ReceptorsAssociate Professor Cao Bin
Sustainable Soil Stabilization Using Novel Binders For Various Geotechnical Applications in SingaporeAssociate Professor Yi Yaolin
Development of Durable, Jointless, and Reduced Embodied Carbon ConFlexPave for Port UseAssociate Professor Yang En-Hua
Extreme Weather Effects on Resilience of Container Intermodal Transportation System: Operations and StrategiesAssistant Professor Yuen Kum Fai
Transport and logistics of tomorrow: Towards a smarter, greener, and more resilient futureAssistant Professor Yan Ran 
Physics informed model inference using seismic data at the laboratory scaleAssociate Professor Leong Eng Choon


Awarded ProjectPrincipal Investigator
Feasibility Study Of A Novel Bio-Carrier Using Waste PVDF MembraneAssociate Professor Zhou Yan
Innovating Plastic Waste Valorisation With Exploration Of The Interaction Between Photosynthetic And Heterotrophic Bacteria In PlastisphereAssociate Professor Cao Bin
Sustainable Concrete And Functionalized Geopolymer Derived From MSW Slag, A By-Product Generated From The High Temperature Slagging Gasification Of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)Associate Professor Grzegorz Lisak
Long-Term Trial Of High-Temperature Sludge Gasification And Investigating The Use Of Sludge Slag In Structural Concrete ApplicationsAssociate Professor Grzegorz Lisak
Energy And Resource Recovery Through High Temperature Slagging GasificationAssociate Professor Grzegorz Lisak
Development And Performance Evaluation Of Prestressed 3D Printed Bridges Under Monotonic Loading - CEEAssociate Professor Qian Shunzhi
AI-Empowered Underground Digital Twins For Data-Driven Analysis Of TunnelsAssistant Professor Shi Chao
Authentic Learning Through Solving Real-World Problem Under The Guidance From Industry (Maersk)Mr. Chu Sai Hoi, Benson
Harnessing Data In The Metaverse For Public Good: Behavioural Studies In Planning Future Electric And Autonomous Mobility SystemAssociate Professor Wang Zhiwei


Awarded ProjectPrincipal Investigator
Deep Generative Modelling Of Subsurface Stratigraphy From Limited Training Images And Sparse Investigation DataAssistant Professor Shi Cao
Novel Feedstock Development From Fruit And Vegetable Waste For Mycoprotein CultivationAssociate Professor Zhou Yan
Valorization Of Sewage Sludge Pyrolysis Gas For Solid Carbon Capture And Storage

Associate Professor Grzegorz Lisak

Organic Solvent Reverse Osmosis Membranes For Energy-Efficient Separation Of Complex Hydrocarbon Mixtures: Towards Low-Carbon Petroleum RefiningAssistant Professor She Qianhong
Breaking The Bottleneck Of Traditional Coagulation/Flocculation Process With A Multi-Functional And Re-Usable Nano Coagulant For Sludge Reduction And RO Membrane Fouling Elimination

Associate Professor Sun Delai, Darren

State-Of-The-Art Nanofiltration Membranes With Advanced
Bioprocesses For Next-Generation Wastewater Management, Water Reclamation And Resources Recovery

Professor Wang Rong

Safety 4.0: AI-Driven Ship Safety Management SystemAssistant Professor Yuen Kum Fai


Awarded Project Principal Investigator
Hybrid Knowledge-Based And Data-Driven Digital Twin Models For Automatic Geotechnical Site Planning And Optimization Assistant Professor Shi Chao
Optimization Of Ship Sailing Speed Profile Based On Dynamic Meteorological Data: Model, Algorithm, And Application Assistant Professor Yan Ran 
Exploration Of Circular Economy Opportunities In Singapore And Southeast Asia Associate Professor Grzegorz Lisak  
SASEAF FY22 Dr Nurasyikin Misdan (Membrane Science) Associate Professor Chong Tzyy Haur 
SASEAF FY22 Dr Lemthong Chanphavong (CO2, Biomass Gasification) Associate Professor Grzegorz Lisak  
Flexible Seawall For Coastal Reservoir And Coastal Defence Systems In Singapore Professor Chu Jian 
Comprehensive Classification Of Municipal Solid Waste In Singapore Associate Professor Grzegorz Lisak  
Municipal Solid Waste Sorting And Characterization Associate Professor Grzegorz Lisak  
Investigation Of Thermomechanical Performance Of Driven Geothermal Energy Piles Assistant Professor Shi Chao
Smart Assessment Of Geologic Environment Disturbed By Subsurface Engineering Associate Professor Wu Wei
Prediction Of Vessel Arrival And Turnaround Time At Port By Artificial Intelligence: Models And ApplicationsAssistant Professor Yan Ran 
Awarded ProjectPrincipal Investigator
Pilot Tests For Using A New Foundation System For Tuas Container PortProfessor Chu Jian
Novel Multifunctional Osmotic Membranes For High-Efficiency Grid-Scale Energy Storage And Freshwater Production: Towards Using A New Multifunctional Energy Storage System To Reduce Carbon Emissions And Enhance Energy-Water ResilienceAssistant Professor She Qianhong
Capturing Waste With Waste: Continuous Carbon Capture Using Highly Efficient Sorbents Derived From Incineration AshesProfessor Lim Teik Thye
Environmental Impact Assessment Of Manufacturing And Use Of Recycled Plastic Pallets In SingaporeAssociate Professor Grzegorz Lisak
New Implementations For A Creative Problem Solving Framework With Visual-Based Mapping ToolDr. Teo Chee Chong
Novel Context-Aware Multivariate Time Series Modelling For Underground Transportation Infrastructure Monitoring And ManagementProfessor Yang Yaowen
Development Of Advanced Oxidation Processes Targeting Complex Heterocyclic/Phenolic Substances And Volatile Organic Compounds In Industrial WastewaterProfessor Shane Allen Synder
Biogas Upgrading With Carbon Capture And Energy Recovery Enhancement - Proof Of Concept (POC)Associate Professor Zhou Yan
Innovative Structure Systems For Next-Generation ConstructionAssociate Professor Zhao Ou
Vulnerability Assessment Of Precast Reinforced Concrete Structures To Blast And Subsequent Progressive CollapseProfessor Tan Kang Hai
IES-Wong Yui Cheong Research In Construction Project Management FundAssociate Professor Robert Tiong Lee Kong


Awarded ProjectPrincipal Investigator
A Sustainable Bio-platform for High Quality Microbial Protein Production (Singapore Food Story R&D Programme)Assoc Prof Zhou Yan
Scaling-up Hollow Fiber Membranes with Ultrathin Skin for Test-bedding of Membrane Separation Technology in Oxygen-Enhanced Waste-to-Energy Gasification (National Environment Agency, NEA)Professor Wang Rong
Clean Syngas from Waste for Electricity and Chemicals (National Environment Agency, NEA)Professor Lim Teik Thye
Eco-cement for Protection of Coastline and Enhancement of Marine Ecosystem (National Parks Board, NParks)Professor Chu Jian
Monitoring of Tunnel Liner Performance during Construction and Operation in Local Ground Conditions (Ministry of National Development, MND)Professor Yang Yaowen


Awarded ProjectPrincipal Investigator
Proof-Of-Concept, Proof-Of-Value And Test-Bedding In Smart Integrated Construction System (Phase 2)Professor Yang Yaowen
Evaluation Of The Technical And Operational Feasibility Of Methanol Fuelled Vessels In China And SingaporeAssociate Professor Lam Siu Lee Jasmine
Circular Materials Laboratory Project - Laboratory And Field Tests For Environmental Degradation Of Biodegradable Plastic Packaging - Southeast Asia As A Target Area (P&G and A*STAR)Assistant Professor Fei Xunchang
A Sustainable And Economical Binder For Construction Of Low Permeable And High Durable Seepage Cut-Off Wall In Marine Environment: Preparing For Sea-Level Rise In SingaporeAssociate Professor Yi Yaolin
Pilot Field Trials On The Applications Of Bio-Cementation For Ground Improvement WorksProfessor Chu Jian
An Integrated Geophysical And Geotechnical Method For Sinkhole Detection During Bored TunnellingAssociate Professor Wu Wei
Open & Generic Wireless Structural Health Monitoring SystemAssociate Professor Li Bing
Monitoring Of Tunnel Liner Performance During Construction And Operation In Local Ground ConditionsProfessor Yang Yaowen


Awarded ProjectPrincipal Investigator
“Breaking The Ground” In Semakau Landfill: Technological Solutions For Site Investigation And Material ReuseAssistant Professor Fei Xunchang
Utilisation Of Freshwater Sludge And Carbide Sludge To Produce Expansive Agent For Civil Engineering Applications
Deployment, Demonstration And Optimization Of The Thermo-Disintegration Waste To Energy (TDWE) System As A Decentralised, Flexible, And Value-Adding Waste Management Strategy For A Zero Waste Sustainable CityAssociate Professor Grzegorz Lisak
Development Of Soft Sensors With The Aid Of Machine Learning (ML)Professor Law Wing-Keung, Adrian
Full-Scale Fire Testing To Validate Simulations For (A) Integrated Active Systems And (B) Structural System For Underground BuildingsProfessor Tan Kang Hai
Automating The Process Of Concrete FinishingProfessor Yang Yaowen
Biocide-Bacteria Interaction And Implications On Biofouling ControlAssociate Professor Cao Bin


Award ProjectPrincipal Investigator
A Smart Digital Twin Framework Using Advanced Modelling And Data Analytics For Monitoring And Management Of Underground Transportation InfrastructureAssistant Professor Fu Yuguang
An Environmentally Sustainable Method For Online Chemical Cleaning Of Membrane Bioreactor With Fe2+-Activated Peroxymonosulfate Towards Reduced Membrane RefoulingProfessor Liu Yu
A Transfer Learning Approach For The Car-Following Modelling Of Connected VehiclesAssistant Professor Zhu Feng
Edge Intelligence Enabling Smart Iot Networks For Autonomous Long-Term Monitoring Of Civil InfrastructureAssistant Professor Fu Yuguang
Sustainable Recycled Aggregate Concrete-Filled Stainless Steel Tube Structures Under And After Transverse ImpactAssociate Professor Zhao Ou
Development Of A Novel Multi-Functional Osmotic System For Grid Energy Storage And Fresh Water ProductionAssistant Professor She Qianhong
Parking Supply Planning In Future Mobility System With Autonomous VehiclesAssociate Professor Wang Zhiwei
Biocide-Bacteria Interaction And Implications On Biofouling ControlAssociate Professor Cao Bin
Durable And Low Carbon Concrete Using Marine ClayAssociate Professor Qian Shunzhi
AHC Chairmanship 2021-2023 And Budgetary SupportProfessor Law Wing-Keung, Adrian


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