Graduate Programmes

We offer graduate programmes leading to
the award of
Master’s Degrees or Doctor of Philosophy.

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Research Programme. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Master of Engineering (MEng).

Coursework Programme. Master of Science.

FlexiMasters. Upskill for working adults.

Aims at equipping participants with skills that can be used in the construction industry to aid in project management and other construction activities.

Participants will learn to apply the knowledge in technology applications, project management and decision making techniques to effectively manage projects in the domestic and international construction market.

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Testimonials. What our students say.

Dr Wu Yichao

PhD Alumni
CEE Best Thesis Award 2017 Recipient
Associate Professor in Huazhong Agricultural University, China

I feel that CEE PhD program is a great opportunity for young professionals to learn, explore and develop. It is an exciting journey in which you would encounter unexpected findings and outcomes.

Starting with a passionate curiosity is the best way to find the right focus. While inspiring innovative ideas may like butterflies, pretty to see, but hard to catch. Put them into practice can help you towards successful career. During the tough times, do not hesitate to talk and interact with your supervisors, colleagues and researchers from different disciplines, these valuable discussions can broaden your vision and help you get through.

Mr. Kwek Yuanheng, Dan

MSc Alumni
MPA Gold Medal cum Cash Award & NOL Scholar

Fun, Fulfilling and Fast-paced. That sums up my two-years part-time studies in the Maritime Studies course at NTU. It was tough being back in school after many years whilst taking evening and weekend classes meant that family and social time had to be sacrificed.

However, I was blessed to be surrounded by fun-loving and supportive classmates, many of whom I have learnt a lot from. The professors were also experienced and modules rigorously structured, strengthening my knowledge about maritime sector. Definitely a course for those who are keen for greater exposure and knowledge!