About CEE

About Us - School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, NTU

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) is a World-leading School in Sustainability and Built Environment. The School aims to: 

  • nurtures students, empowers faculty and inspires alumni to be leaders in engineering and maritime professions,
  • addresses challenges in urbanisation and climate change through research and innovation, and
  • promotes lifelong learning.

CEE plays an integral role in spearheading tertiary education, advancing research innovations and providing professional services in a number of key disciplines in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Maritime Studies fields, with the objective of contributing to the technological and economic advancement of Singapore and beyond. To equip students with the relevant skill sets and prepare them for their challenging careers, the School offers a suite of practice-oriented courses. The courses are designed to provide the requisite breadth and depth so that the students are able to pursue a career in planning, design and construction of civil, environmental, maritime projects and systems, as well as in research and development. Lectures and tutorials complemented by laboratory sessions, design projects, practical training, industrial visits and seminars will guide the students on principles and practical aspects of their areas of studies. Upon graduation, they are able to be involved in various civil/environmental engineering and maritime professions.

The School is staffed by an international faculty of academics who are strong in teaching as well as research and professional experiences. Besides teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, they are active in research collaboration with government agencies and industrial organisations, offering engineering consultancy, conferences, seminars and short courses for the benefit of the industry and region. Faculty members’ active participation in CEE’s research centres also further facilitates collaboration and specialisation in the areas of professional training, research and technology transfer.

​ ​Total number of CEE graduates to date
​​Undergraduate programmes​​9260
​​Master of Science programmes​2650
​​Master of Engineering programme313
Doctor of Philosophy programme665


Brief History

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) was one of the three pioneering engineering schools when the university first started as Nanyang Technological Institute in 1981, offering the Bachelor of Engineering programme in Civil Engineering. It was then called the School of Civil and Structural Engineering (CSE). In 2002, it was renamed School of Civil and Environmental Engineering due to increasing emphasis on the environment and the significant strength of the school had gained in this area. Thereafter, the Bachelor of Environmental Engineering programme was introduced in 2003. In 2004, in addition to the existing Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering programmes, a new undergraduate programme in Maritime Studies was inaugurated.