Final Year Project

The Final Year Project consists of one or more semesters of intensive scientific research under the supervision of a faculty member, culminating in a presentation and comprehensive project report.

For undergraduates in the Chemistry and Biological Chemistry programmes, doing the FYP may be optional; check your programme curriculum for details.

The FYP consists of the module CM4080 (Honours Project 1), or CM4078 for students matriculating prior to 2019. Students may also apply for CM4073 (Honours Project 2, 3 AU, Pass/Fail), a shorter project intended for students who already took CM4078/ CM4080 and wish to extend their project, or students who are not intending to do the FYP but wish to gain some research experience.

Preparing for the Final Year Project

The prerequisites for the FYP module are CM3061 (Chemistry & Biological Chemistry Laboratory 3) and CM3062 (Chemistry & Biological Chemistry Laboratory 4). Please plan your course schedule appropriately. If you need special permission from the Division to take the FYP without fulfilling the prerequisites, please email the FYP coordinators before the start of the FYP add/drop period. Requests submitted after the deadline will not be entertained.

Before the start of the FYP application period, you should contact various professors and discuss whether they are willing to be your supervisor. You should also discuss the scope of the FYP project, and what they expect from you. Professors are unlikely to agree to supervise students who have not met them.

Overseas Final Year Project

Students are allowed to do their FYP overseas. This can either be arranged through a GEM programme, or via a separate arrangement (in previous cases, for instance, students started out doing URECA research under professors with overseas collaborators, and were subsequently invited abroad to continue their projects). If you go through GEM, it will be up to you to contact a prospective supervisor at the host university, secure his/her agreement, and define an appropriate project. In either case, please contact the Division's FYP coordinators and keep them informed about your overseas FYP plans.

Both CM4078/CM4080 (Honours Project 1) and CM4073 (Honours Project 2) may be read overseas. Note that CM4073 is pass/fail only. Note also that credit transfer from the host university is not required – you will be registered for CM4078/CM4080 or CM4073 in NTU. If you do an overseas FYPs, your presentation and report will be graded by SPMS chemistry faculty, similar to regular FYP students. Your research supervisor, at the host university, must also assess you; it is up to you to ensure that this assessment is submitted to the Division on time, before the end of the semester. You are also expected to attend the FYP poster session at the end of the semester. If you are unable to return to Singapore in time, we will arrange a video link for your presentation.

Final Year Project Application

The relevant FYP application deadlines will be sent to your NTU email account.

Applications are entered using the Final Year Project System (via Studentlink → Academic Matters → Survey/Subject Option/FYP → Final Year Project Selection).

Even if you are a URECA participant continuing on to an FYP with your existing supervisor, you must still go through the online application system! Otherwise, you will not get enrolled in the Honours Project module.

Note that you may submit no more than 3 choices of supervisor during your application. Please make your choices carefully. As mentioned above, we strongly recommend that you contact and discuss with each prospective supervisor beforehand. Do not put yourself down for several projects from a single professor; you should name 3 different professors. Once the system closes, project assignments are irreversible.

Please print and retain the page showing your project selections, just in case the system has a technical fault.

Finally, if you are taking CM4078/CM4080 (Honours Project 1), please note that you may register for no more than two additional courses that semester. You should discuss your course-load with your supervisor, once you are assigned one.

During Your Final Year Project

Once you have been assigned a research supervisor for your FYP, schedule a meeting with the professor as soon as possible. During that meeting, you should discuss just what the project entails, what time commitment the professor expects from you, how frequently you will meet with your professor to discuss your progress, and other relevant matters.

Good luck! We hope you enjoy the research experience!

Thesis Submission

Each student must upload the final version of the thesis to the NTU Digital Repository (DR-NTU) for achiving, by following these steps:

  1. Go to DR-NTU.
  2. Click on Login, and log in using your NTU Student Authentication. (Do not use your full email address, i.e. omit the “” part. Do not specify an NTU domain name, i.e. omit the “STUDENT\”).
  3. Click on "Start a New Submission".
  4. Select "SPMS Student Report (FYP/IA/PA/PI)", and follow the on-screen instructions to upload the thesis.

If you encounter any problems, please refer to the DR-NTU User Guide or email

If an embargo or exemption is needed, follow these steps:

  1. Download and fill in the Request Form for Embargo or Exemption of Thesis/FYP.
  2. Get your supervisor to sign and endorse the request form.
  3. Email the completed request form to and CC your supervisor.
  4. The Library will reply within three working days.
  5. Once approved,
    • For embargo, follow the Library’s instructions to submit and set the embargo for your work in DR-NTU.
    • For an approved exemption, you do not need to submit your work or the metadata record to DR-NTU.

For more details on the embargo and exemption policies for DR-NTU, please refer to the DR-NTU User Guide.