Nanyang Business School Ph.D. Programme in Marketing

Our programme

Our Ph.D. Programme is truly global and diverse, comprising of faculty members who have been trained at prestigious schools in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Broadly speaking, their key areas of research include consumer behaviour and empirical modelling.

Our faculty

Research by our faculty members have been published in leading academic journals including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Marketing Science, Management Science, and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

As a testimony to the impact this academic division makes, our faculty members have won international awards for their research and contribution to knowledge creation. Many of our faculty also sits on the editorial board of the top journals in the field.

Our students

For our Ph.D. Programme, we are looking for motivated and intellectually-curious scholars who have the eventual goal of pursuing an academic career in marketing.

As a successful candidate, you will undergo a programme delivered by faculty members who are active researchers experienced in supervising graduate research. You will be equipped with the conceptual, analytical, and communication skills needed to conceptualise, conduct, and deliver independent research.

Over the course of your Ph.D. journey, you will be closely mentored by faculty members with domain expertise in their research areas of interest.

Graduates from our Ph.D. Programme have been successfully placed in schools in the US, UK, Netherlands, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and India. Below are what four recent graduates had to say about the Marketing Ph.D. Programme.

Should you have specific queries about this Ph.D. Programme, contact Assistant Professor Soo Kim, who is currently the Division’s Ph.D. Coordinator.



Li Shaobo Kevin_landscape Basu Shankar_landscape2

The 5-year marketing PhD experience in marketing department of Nanyang Business School was an invaluable experience in my life! I have learned and developed so much, both from a personal and scientific point of view. The most amazing aspect of marketing department of NBS is its collegial research environment. Through the frequent interaction with our excellent faculties and PhD fellows, I learned incredible lessons regarding research philosophy and methods, which provided me with the strong foundation I need to succeed in academia.

LI Shaobo (Class of 2019) Assistant Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology

The PhD program at NBS was a truly transformative experience. Not only did I have access to all the resources that a world class University like NTU can provide, I also had excellent mentorship and training to flourish both as a researcher and as a teacher. I always felt that faculty and staff actively sought to provide the best learning environment for PhD students. I will be forever grateful for all the generosity, support, advice, and guidance I received from my advisors and faculty in the department for becoming an independent researcher.

Shilpa MADAN (Class of 2018) Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

The marketing doctoral program at NBS is truly world class. As a doctoral student at NBS, I had the opportunity to learn from some of the leading researchers of our field. The faculty members were always approachable and helpful. At the same time, they constantly challenged me to better myself as a researcher. The rigorous training that I received at NBS equipped me with the skills needed for an academic career. I am proud that I can call myself an alumnus of Nanyang Business School's marketing PhD program

BASU Shankha (Class of 2017) Associate Professor, University of Leeds, UK

Being a PhD student at MIB is the most valuable period in my life. This is a very challenging, yet inspiring and rewarding, program supported by a group of top-tier scholars, cutting-edgy research, and a high-quality training curriculum. Also, the collegial research environment with many excellent fellow students well motivates me all the time. MIB is a great place for learning

LIU Xiaoyan (Class of 2016) Associate Professor, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China

With its strong research orientation, thriving cultural diversity and fantastic infrastructure, NTU truly offers a unique blend of academic rigor and extra-curricular opportunities. I had a wonderful time during my PhD at NBS. In essence, it's a cherished memory that I will carry for the rest of my life.

MUKHOPADHYAY Soumya (Class of 2015) Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Division Coordinator for NBS PhD Programme in Marketing

Asst Prof Soo Kim

Email: [email protected]

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