Email: XXIONG004@e.ntu.edu.sg
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Zhang Huai

Research Interest: Corporate disclosure, international syndicated loan, financial reporting, cultural similarity between economic agents
Job Market Paper:  Does Cultural Similarity Between CFOs and Auditors​ Impact Audit Quality?
Email: YUNJU001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Supervisor(s): Prof Jun-Koo Kang
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/view/cha-yunju

Research Interest: Empirical corporate finance, insider trading, corporate governance, ownership structure, mergers and acquisitions
Job Market Paper:  Non-Family Individual Shareholders and Insider Trading
Email: FSI001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Supervisor(s): Prof Jun-Koo Kang

Research Interest: Empirical corporate finance, corporate governance, capital structure, cyber risk
Job Market Paper:  Shareholder Financial Difficulties and Firms’ Risk-Shifting Behavior: Evidence from the 2003 Mutual Fund Scandal​
Email: NANA0002@e.ntu.edu.sg
Homepage: https://kevinnanakdewa.com
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Krishna Savani 

Research Interest: Culture, choice, judgment and decision making, diversity ideologies, morality, social norms, lay theories
Job Market Paper: Choice as an Engine of Independence: Implications for Employee Voice and Managerial Decision Making
Email: XZHANG044@e.ntu.edu.sg  
Supervisor(s): Asst Prof Sadat Reza & Asst Prof Chen Yupeng

Research Interest: Machine learning, big data, E-marketplaces 
Job Market Paper: How Valuable is the First Visit to a Merchant in a Marketplace?
Email: LWANG033@e.ntu.edu.sg  
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Goh Kim Huat & Asst Prof Mo Jiahui

Research Interest: Healthcare IT, E-Commerce, big data analytics, and economics of IT
Job Market Paper: Expert Judgments in Over-Riding Artificial Intelligence: A Healthcare Context
Email: FAHEEMAH001@e.ntu.edu.sg
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Damien Joseph & Assoc Prof Sia Siew Kien

Research Interest: Institutional theory, information security, careers of IT professionals
Job Market Paper: Legitmacy of Information Security Practices and Long-Term Consequences of Data Breaches
Supervisor(s): Assoc Prof Chen Chien-Ming & Assoc Prof Wang Jianfu

Research Interest: Gig economy, service operations, healthcare operations
Job Market Paper: Food Delivery Service and Restaurant: Friend or Foe?