Programme Structure

The first 18 months is the Coursework Stage in which students take preparatory courses that are concentrated in their area of specialisation. Upon completion (or near completion) of coursework requirements, students will undergo PhD Qualifying Exam (QE).

The coursework component includes:
» University's compulsory coursework or requirements
» School's coursework requirement usually ranges from 8 to 11 courses.


At the Dissertation Stage, students are required to present their thesis in Proposal Defence, submit thesis for examination and undergo Final Oral Examination. The aim of proposal defence is to assess the academic rigour and relevance of the proposed research and to ensure that it is adequately defined and feasible to allow the student to receive feedback early in the thesis process. When ready, the thesis is submitted to the University for examination by the thesis examiners.
The thesis must contain original work and critical interpretation and analysis worthy of publication in the international domain.