Our Faculty

Our division houses expertise in business law and tax. All faculty members have had post-graduate academic training from the US, the UK and Australia, amongst other countries. They also have substantial prior working experience as practicing lawyers, legal counsels or tax professionals.
Head, Division & Associate Professor

Expertise: Intellectual Property Law, Policy and Regulation; Information and Communications Technology Law; International Business Law; Philosophy of Law
Courses: AB1301 Business Law

Office: S3 01A 12
Email: asamtani@ntu.edu.sg
Ang Beng Wee, Steven
Associate Professor

Expertise: Intellectual Property Law (especially the interface between ethics & IPRs); Applied Ethical Philosophy; Employment Law
Courses: AB1301 Business Law; BU8341 Practical Ethics

Office: S3 B2B 60
Email: abwang@ntu.edu.sg
Valerie Low
Deputy Associate Provost (Residential Education), Nanyang Technological University and
Associate Professor

Expertise: Negotiation & Dispute Resolution; Contract Law
Courses: BL9304 Negotiation & Dispute Resolution; PB6029 Leading People Globally (Negotiation); AC8101 Management of legal Obligations in Business

Office: SSC 04 02
Email: acclow@ntu.edu.sg
GOH-LOW Soen Yin
Associate Professor

Expertise: Contract Law; Law of Commercial Transactions; International Trade Law
Courses: AB1301 Business Law; BL9301 Law of Commercial Transactions

Office: S3 01B 57
Email: asylow@ntu.edu.sg
LEE Suet Lin Joyce
Associate Professor

Expertise: Corporate Law
Courses: AC2302 Company Law & Corporate Governance

Office: S3 B2B 53
Email: asllee@ntu.edu.sg
Hannah Yee-Fen LIM
Associate Professor

Expertise: Data protection and privacy law; AI and the law; AI ethics and the law; Blockchain and the law; Fintech regulation; Internet Law; E-commerce law, Cybercrime and cybersecurity law; Medical ethics; Cloud computing and the law; copyright law; trademark law; Patent law; Insurance law; Ethics
Courses: RE6017 Ethics & Governance Issues in Technology Management; AB1301 Business Law; BU8341 Practical Ethics; SP0020 AI: Law, Tech & Ethics, from Finance to Autonomous Vehicles

Office: S3 B2B 62
Email: yeefen@ntu.edu.sg
ONG Chin Siew Dennis
Associate Professor

Expertise: Employment Law
Courses: AB1301 Business Law; BH3301 Employment Law

Office: S3 01B 48
Email: acsong@ntu.edu.sg
POH Eng Hin
Associate Professor

Expertise: Tax Law
Courses: AC2301 Principles of Taxation; BL9305 Advanced Taxation; AC6106 Tax Management

Office: S3 B2C 115
Email: aehpoh@ntu.edu.sg
TAN Soo Kiat Harry
Associate Professor

Expertise: Information Technology Law; Intellectual Property 
Courses: AB1301 Business Law; BL9302/BU9302 Law of Intellectual Property & Media

Office: S3 01C 102
Email: aharry@ntu.edu.sg
YEO Chuan Seng Victor
Associate Professor and Associate Provost (Student Life), Nanyang Technological University
Expertise: Corporate Law
Courses: AC2302 Company Law & Corporate Governance

Office: ADM 03 04A
Email: acsyeo@ntu.edu.sg
Associate Professor (Practice) and Associate Dean (Undergraduate Student Life) 

Expertise: Mediation; Negotiation; Contract Law; Tort
Courses: AB1301 Business Law; BL9304 Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

Office: S3 01A 28
Email: akwlum@ntu.edu.sg
Alan K KOH
Assistant Professor

Expertise: Corporate Law; Corporate Governance; Comparative Law; Asian Business Law; Private International Law
Courses: AC2302 Company Law & Corporate Governance

Office: S3 B2A 14
Email: alan.koh@ntu.edu.sg

Assistant Professor

Expertise: Intellectual Property Law; Law and Technology; Human Rights; Public Law
Courses: AB1301 Business Law; REP6012 Law of Obligations & Intellectual Property

Office: S3 B1A 26
Email: althaf@ntu.edu.sg
Corinne TAN
Assistant Professor

Expertise: Platform and internet governance; Intellectual property law (in particular copyright); Law and society (in particular accessibility and inclusion); and Regulation of emerging technologies
Courses: AB1301 Business Law

Office: S3 B2C 111
Email: corinne.tan@ntu.edu.sg
JOW Lee Ying
Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Tax Law; Transfer Pricing; International Tax; Tax Treaties; Tax Dispute Resolution 
Courses: AC2301 Principles of Taxation

Office: S3 B1A 21
Email: lyjow@ntu.edu.sg
FERNANDEZ Navprakash


Expertise: Corporate Law
Courses: AC2302 Company Law & Corporate Governance; BL9301 Law of Commercial Transactions

S3 B1C 106

Sabina SUDAN
Adjunct Associate Professor

Expertise/Interests: Ethics; Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility
Courses: AB0301 Legal & Ethical Issues in Sustainability; PB6023 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance; B8023 Corporate Governance & Ethics; Minimasters in General Management: B8023_PB6023: Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

Email: ssabina@ntu.edu.sg


 Alan K KOH

Best Paper Award (Runner-Up) of the Mid-Atlantic Academy of Legal Studies in Business Annual Conference 2021



Hannah Yee-Fen LIM (Principal Investigator)Principal Investigator - research grant from the NISTH inaugural Seed Grant: ‘Where Tech meets Humanity’: How Humanity Survives COVID-19 for a project “Serial Cross-sectional studies from ethics, legal and social perspectives on the adoption of TraceTogether by patients and visitors to TTSH”

Website: LINK
Althaf MARSOOF (Principal Investigator)

Harry S K TAN (Collaborator) 
Awarded the MICRON-NISTH Responsible AI Grant (funded by NISTH and Micron Technology) for the project “Algorithmic Justice: A Rights-Based Approach to the Design and Use of AI for Content Moderation” (S$10,000) 

Website: LINK (archived LINK)
JOW Lee Ying Teaching Excellence Award (Business Law) 
Research Excellence Award (Business Law) 
DU TOIT-LOW Chuen-Chuen Valerie
Teacher of the Year Award for the MSc (Accountancy) Programme 


Alan K KOH
Best Paper Prize at the Asian Law Institute-Centre for Asian Legal Studies Asian Law Junior Faculty Workshop 2019 (out of 311 submissions, 34 finalists, and 8 presenters)


Althaf MARSOOFJohn Cheung Endowment Social Media Award for the use of social media platforms to enhance teaching