Our Research

Our Faculty does highly impactful legal research and publications relevant to the business world. They explore the interface between law and other disciplines, such as business, tax, management, medicine and technology and ethics. Our research areas range from corporate law, insolvency law, FinTech and legal risk management, conflicts of law to ethics, mediation, torts, contract law, philosophy of law and employment Law. Corporate law, taxation and Intellectual property law, media and technology law are key strengths in our research, along with data, AI and blockchain. Some of our researchers are internationally recognised and have been appointed as legal experts by international bodies such as UNIDROIT, UNCITRAL and the WHO.

Research Focus

Business LawOur Faculty members  specialise in a wide range of legal areas  in their research in business law,  including research in the law of contracts, torts, with particular foci on employment law, intellectual property, media and technology law, and dispute resolution. The research conducted by our faculty is highly interdisciplinary, investigating, for example, the interactions between law and other areas relevant to businesses, such as data, technology, ethics, sustainable development, AI, FinTech and human rights.
Corporate LawThe research of our faculty examines diverse areas of corporate law, such as comparative and transnational perspectives, aspects of corporate law and governance systems (such as board accountability and shareholder litigation mechanisms) in various economies in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America, as well as insolvency law and the law of commercial transactions and legal risk management. Our faculty serve as valued advisors and participants in corporate law reforms in Singapore, and the impact of our work, which have been cited by the Singapore Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, can be felt both in and out of Singapore. 
Tax Law
Tax faculty in the Division have published papers in international peer-reviewed tax journals. Their special expertise areas include Singapore taxation, international taxation, tax treaties, transfer pricing, tax dispute resolution, and tax policy issues such as equity effects of consumption tax reform, tax expenditure analysis and fiscal consciousness.

The faculty have contributed to the tax profession and industry by serving in directorial and other positions with the Tax Academy of Singapore, as members of the Income Tax and GST Boards of Review, as a member of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore’s Transfer Pricing Roundtable, as Examiners and Reviewers for taxation modules of various professional examinations, and as transfer pricing and international tax consultant/adviser


Selected Publications

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