Published on 06 Sep 2021

The Name Game

The Straits Times, page A18 -

With the construction of two MRT stations on the NTU campus starting soon, what – and how – should we name them? Asst Prof Andrew Duffy from NTU’s WKWSCI shared his thoughts on the naming conventions of landmarks in Singapore and beyond. “Two new MRT stations are coming to NTU and they need names. We could follow precedent: We have Nanyang Drive, Nanyang Crescent, Nanyang Heights, Nanyang Grove, Nanyang Link, Nanyang Walk, Nanyang Avenue and Nanyang Circle. You see a pattern here? But because there are two, we can’t call them both Nanyang station. Currently, they’re labelled JW3 and JW4, so we need to act fast so that the numbers become names, and the names do not all start with Nanyang,” he wrote.