Published on 21 Mar 2022

Telegram users get messages touting sale of forged Singapore ICs or passports for a fee

The Straits Times, page A4 -

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Shin Min Daily News, 21 March, page 2

Offers to sell forged Singapore passports and identity cards have popped up on instant messaging application Telegram. Anonymous administrators of one Telegram chat group, for example, have been sending out messages touting such services since at least Feb 24 and remain active as at last Friday. Assoc Prof Edson C. Tandoc Jr from NTU’s Centre for Information Integrity and the Internet noted that one must always be careful when sending personal information to others through Telegram. “When we don’t have a way to verify their real identities or contact them outside the platform, we should be very careful, because if things go wrong, who would be accountable?” he said.