Published on 16 Aug 2021

Risk of depression grows with more time spent on Facebook: NTU study

The Straits Times, page B3 -

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The more time people spend on Facebook, the higher the risk of suffering from depression, a study has found. The study by researchers at NTU also found that those with signs of depression linked to Facebook use go on to spend even more time on the social networking site - and sink deeper into a vicious circle of depression. The Singapore-wide online study started in 2016 with 1,240 people aged between 18 and 64. In the three years it took to finish, participants dropped out for a host of reasons and only 355 responses were valid for use in the study. The findings were published last month by Assoc Prof Edson C. Tandoc Jr and research fellow Zhang Hao Goh, who are from the NTU Centre for Information Integrity and the Internet or In-Cube.