Published on 20 May 2021

NUS vs NTU vs SMU: Which University In SG To Pick Based On The Course You’re Keen On

The Smart Local (Singapore), 20 May -

Whether you’re still torn between universities or just want to double check, this Singapore university course comparison across the Big Three – NUS, NTU and SMU – might offer some reassurance. The only school that offers a 3-year direct honours programme, NTU’s NBS is the top choice for those seeking to quickly secure their degree for a headstart on their career. NTU LKCMedicine touts itself as a young and innovative medical school, and you will receive a joint degree between NTU and Imperial College of London upon graduating as a bonus. NTU WKWSCI, on the other hand, is a dedicated Mass Communications school that is practical and industry-focused. Similar to comms, NTU Psych is instead highly specialised with no compulsory general foundational modules to clear, and you are guaranteed direct honours upon graduation. NTU Mechanical engineering students will have to choose a specialised stream in Year 2.