Published on 31 Dec 2022

News orgs seen searching for new ways to reach public as Facebook 'unfriends' news, issues rock Twitter

ABS-CBN News, 31 Dec

News organisations which have been attracting an audience through social media may have to rethink their content distribution schemes as Facebook pulls away from journalism and Twitter's stance on engagement with news remained unclear.

Dr Edson Tandoc of Singapore's NTU, who has researched extensively on digital journalism and information ecosystems especially in the Asia-Pacific, said it is time to search for new ways to reach the audience. "With the issues that the big social media platforms are facing, it may be the perfect time for news organisations to revisit their distribution models and find a way to reach news users outside social media platforms. Doing so will be more consistent with the normative ideals and responsibility of the news media and protect news users from fake news," Tandoc said.