Published on 10 Jun 2021

COVID-19 vaccination: Why some seniors are holding back, and how a little nudge can help

CNAonline, 10 June -

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Experts suggest ways to get more seniors to be vaccinated without the hard sell. Research has shown that correcting misperceptions is no easy task, but it is more feasible for health than political issues, noted Asst Prof Kim Hye Kyung of WKWSCI at NTU. Studies have shown that rebuttals by health agencies and news media result in more accurate beliefs than rebuttals by one’s peers, she said. But it is still important to build up media literacy and resilience to fake news, she added. Communication strategies aimed at seniors could present vaccination as a social norm instead of merely responsible behaviour, suggested Asst Prof Kim, who has done research on information-seeking amid the pandemic. Seniors should also be encouraged to consult healthcare providers, for instance at vaccination centres, rather than be left to judge their own eligibility, she added.