Published on 24 Nov 2020

1 in 3 who are aware of deepfakes say they have inadvertently shared them on social media

An NTU Singapore study has found that some Singaporeans have reported that, despite being aware of the existence of ‘deepfakes’ in general, they believe they have circulated deepfake content on social media which they later found out was a hoax. In a survey of 1,231 Singaporeans led by NTU Singapore’s Asst Prof Saifuddin Ahmed, 54 per cent of the respondents said they were aware of deepfakes, of which one in three reported sharing content on social media that they subsequently learnt was a deepfake. The study also found that more than one in five of those who are aware of deepfakes said that they regularly encounter deepfakes online. When benchmarked against respondents of a similar demographic in the US, the study found that respondents in the US were more aware of deepfakes, and more people reported sharing content that they later learnt was a deepfake in the US than in Singapore.

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