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UG Admissions: Sociology

The curriculum in the four-year direct honours NTU Sociology programme emphasises critical thinking, theoretical reasoning, empirical research, and communication skills. Students develop the ability to think through complex issues, investigate them empirically, and go beyond conventional wisdom – abilities essential to organisations and vocations today.

Our students have access to a wide range of core courses and electives. At NTU Sociology, they work with professors from diverse backgrounds who pursue research in a wide range of areas. Students also form vibrant student communities within the discipline, in the School of Social Sciences, as well as across disciplinary boundaries in the university at large. 


At NTU, students majoring in Sociology will also have the opportunity to pursue a Second Major.

Qualified students may take a second major in another discipline offered within the School of Social Sciences, or one offered by another School within the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS).

Students will need to read 11 courses specific to the field of study, which includes both the Major Core Subjects and Major Prescribed Electives. They will have to complete 135 to 138 Academic Units to be eligible to graduate with a Second Major. Students will graduate with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in their First Major. The Second Major will be shown on the final transcript and students will receive an additional certificate. 

For more information on Second Majors, head here.