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Minor in Public Policy and Global Affairs

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Minor in PPGA

*For students who are (i) PPGA minor students admitted in 2016 and after and (ii) are admitted before 2016 but commenced the PPGA minor in 2016 and after.

Public Policy and Global Affairs (PPGA) is an interdisciplinary study of policy issues with global and regional dimensions. This minor enables students to understand the challenges faced by domestic and international governance. It equips students with wide-range practical skills to tackle these policy problems in Singapore and beyond.

To satisfy the requirements for a minor in Public Policy and Global Affairs, students must complete at least five courses (minimum 15 credits), including two compulsory courses, with the remaining to be selected from the below list of electives. The compulsory courses help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the fields of International Relations, Public Policy and Public Administration. 

  • HA1003 Introduction to Public Administration and Policy
  • HA1012 Fundamentals of Politics 

The remaining 3 modules can come from Category A and/or Category B.

Politics and International Relations

  • HA1002 Introduction to Political Theory 
  • HA1011 Politics of Singapore
  • HA2003 Politics and Government in Southeast Asia
  • HA2004 Theories in International Relations
  • HA2005 Contemporary Political Theory
  • HA2015 China in Africa
  • HA2017 Foreign Policy Analysis
  • HA2027 Introduction to Quantitative Social Sciences
  • HA3004 United States and East Asia
  • HA3005 Politics of the Developing World
  • HA3014 Singapore's Foreign Policy
  • HA3016 China's Foreign Policy
  • HA3019 East Asian Security
  • HA3020 Justice
  • HA3022 The Origins of Modern Political Theory
  • HA3024 China’s Re-emergence in World Politics
  • HA3025 The Politics and Practice of International Diplomacy
  • HA3028 Political Parties and Elections
  • HA4001 ASEAN in the 21st Century
  • HA4013 Advanced Topics in Democratic Theory: Democracy & Division 
  • HA4021 Comparative Politics in Asia (mutually exclusive with HA3021)
  • HA4022 International Politics of the Asia-Pacific
  • HA4029 Quantitative Approach to International Relations
  • HA4030 Interstate Conflict
  • HA4033 Political Theory and Psychoanalysis
  • HA4038 Critical International Theory
  • HA4064 Model United Nations
  • HA4065 Crisis Diplomacy
  • HA4066 War in Film

Public Policy and Public Administration

  • HA2009 The Making of E-government
  • HA2011 Cost-benefit Analysis in Public Policy
  • HA2014 Public Organization Theory
  • HA2023 Research Methodology in Social Sciences
  • HA2024 Statistical Foundations for Public Administration and Policy
  • HA3001 Political Analysis of Public Policy
  • HA3007 Public Budgeting and Financial Management
  • HA3010 Mass Media and Public Policy
  • HA3015 Media and Politics
  • HA3018 Borderless Migration
  • HA3026 Crisis Leadership and Management
  • HA3032 Urban Politics and Policy-making 
  • HA4006 Special Topic in Public Administration
  • HA4011 Public Administration: Past, Present & Future
  • HA4014 European Union
  • HA4016 Global Cities: Policy and Politics
  • HA4017 Economic Issues for Public Decision Making
  • HA4018 Policy Evaluation
  • HA4019 Methods in Political Theory
  • HA4032 What is a City?
  • HA4034 Causal Inference In Policy Evaluation
  • HA4035 Food Politics and Policies
  • HA4039 Knowledge Politics